Technological Accomplishments

    The achievements and best practices evolved in the High Court of Sikkim with reference to computerisation are as follows:

    1. One Stop Solution

    High Court of Sikkim has adopted ‘One Stop Solution’ wherein a single application is tailored to deliver different content and functionalities to users. ‘One Stop Solution’ is personalised based on roles of the user. Access is granted to the different modules based on the role assigned to the user. One Stop Solution simplifies the daily operations by providing all the functionalities at one place with single login.

    The different modules available in the above solution are:

    1.1 Judge Internal Assessment Module: This module is accessible only to the Judges for internal assessment. This module contains a dashboard displaying number of Pending Cases, Disposed Cases, Judgments, Cases Today and Judgment Reserved and links to details for each category. It also displays the number of pending cases and disposed cases for each Judge.

    1.2 Report Generation : This module generates customised reports to reduce turnaround time and increase efficiency. The various reports that can be generated are:

    • Pending Case List,
    • Pending Civil Case List,
    • Pending Criminal Case List,
    • Case type wise List and
    • Case Report by specifying the start and end date.

    1.3 Network Monitoring Module: This module enables real time monitoring of the status of the entire network of High Court of Sikkim. The floor-wise network details are displayed.

    1.4 GUI (Graphical User Interface) Script Module: This module enables data migration by executing scripts with the single click of a button. Execution of scripts through terminal is replaced by GUI based buttons. The scripts that can now be executed with merely a click of a button are:

    • Push CIS data to Sikkim High Court Website
    • Push certified Copy Data
    • CIS Database Backup Script

    Other Modules: The following modules are also included in One Stop Solution:

    • Sikkim Judicial Academy Website Backup
    • Museum Website Backup

    These above modules provide backup with a click of a button.

    One Stop Solution uses a centralised data grid that contains data of the High Court and Subordinate Courts of Sikkim. This results in higher response time and also eliminates inconsistencies and data redundancy.

    2. Application Softwares developed in-house in the High Court of Sikkim

    Application softwares both web-based as well as standalone applications have been developed and implemented in the High Court of Sikkim. These applications have proved to be of great assistance in performing the daily operations.

    2.1. High Court of Sikkim – Official Website ( )

    The High Court of Sikkim official website includes the following functionalities:
    a) Causelist
    b) Certified Copy Status
    c) Case Status
    d) Subordinate Courts
    e) Live Case Status
    f) Latest Judgments/Final Orders
    g) Notifications
    h) Newsletters
    i) Telephone Directory
    j) Grievance Redressal
    k) Recruitments
    l) Library
    m) Calendar
    n) FreeText Search in Judgments

    2.2. File Tracking System Version 1.1 High Court of Sikkim

    The File Tracking System is a web based application used in the High Court of Sikkim which enables easy tracking of physical files.

    The application includes the following functionalities:

    a) Tracking of files with the entire movement depicted using a timeline.
    b) A dashboard displaying three graphs which acts as a monitoring tool.
    c) Inbox Files
    d) Sent Files
    e) Created Files
    f) Closed Files
    g) Real time Notification
    h) Attachments

    2.3. Copy Room Software (CSR) Version 1.0 High Court of Sikkim

    The Copy Room Software assists in the prompt delivery of certified Copies to the applicants. It also contains a SMS notification module through which the applicants are provided instant notifications of their application status. This application also includes a dashboard displaying total applications registered, total certified copy dispatched, total pending applications and total fee collected.
    2.4. High Court of Sikkim – Android Application
    Android Application ‘High Court of Sikkim’ was released on 12.08.2017. This application provides a single window to access the case status of the High Court and the Subordinate Courts of Sikkim anywhere, anytime. The application is available in Google Play Store and has a rating of 4.8.

    2.5. Screen Sharing Application
    Screen Sharing Application is a desktop application used in the three Court Rooms of High Court of Sikkim. This application functions without Internet connection. This application is intended to be used during Court proceedings to share the screen between the Hon’ble Judge, Advocates and Personal Secretary to Judge whenever certain document/file is to be seen during the hearing by all concerned.

    2.6. Case Information SMS – High Court of Sikkim

    Case Information SMS is a web based application used in the High Court of Sikkim to send case status related SMS to Advocates and Litigants. The SMS can be sent manually by entering all the details or based on the Case Details which this periphery application extracts from the Case Information System. A repository of all SMS sent as well as deleted is maintained in this application.

    2.7. Local Shared Drive
    A shared drive which provides a central storage space is also used in the High Court of Sikkim . All authorized users can store their working documents in the shared drive. This shared drive minimizes the usage of pen drives and also reduces duplication/print outs. The contents of this drive is backed up regularly. Separate accounts have been maintained for different Sections of the High Court making the data safe from accidental tampering.

    3. Other Service Delivery Platforms in the Court Complexes of Sikkim

    3.1. Information kiosks with Screen Reader facility
    Information kiosks has been installed at High Court and the Subordinates Court of Sikkim. This facility allows the litigants and Advocates to easily access the status of any case in the High Court, District or Sub-Divisional Court.
    3.2. Display Boards
    Display boards have been installed outside the Court Rooms of the High Court and the Subordinate Courts of Sikkim. The Display Boards displays real time information related to hearing of cases in progress in the respective Court Rooms. Display Board is also available in the Bar Room in the High Court of Sikkim and will soon be installed in the Bar Rooms in all Subordinate Courts of Sikkim.

    3.3. Video Conferencing Facility
    At present Video Conferencing facility is available at High Court of Sikkim and five Subordinate Court Complexes. The VC facility is also available at one Central Jail and one District Prison. The details of the Court Complexes in Sikkim that are presently equipped with Video Conferencing items provided under eCourts Project are as follows:

    It may be mentioned there that Rules for Video Conferencing for Courts, 2020 has been framed by High Court of Sikkim and published in Sikkim Government Gazette bearing No. 102 dated 15th May, 2020

    4. eFiling and ePayment

    The High Court of Sikkim launched e-filing module and e-Payment system for the High Court and all the District Courts of the State of Sikkim on 3.08.2020. In a first of its kind for the High Court of Sikkim, the inaugural function was held online through video conferencing. Both the modules were launched by Hon’ble Mrs. Justice Meenakshi Madan Rai, the then Acting Chief Justice, High Court of Sikkim in the presence of Hon’ble Mr. Justice Bhaskar Raj Pradhan, Judge, High Court of Sikkim and Chairperson, Computer Committee. The Advocate General of the State of Sikkim, Additional Advocate General, President, General Secretary and other members of Sikkim Bar Association of Sikkim, Judicial Officers, Officers of Sikkim State Legal Services Authorities and other dignitaries also participated in the inaugural session from their respective remote locations, through video conferencing.
    It may be mentioned here that Rules of On-Line Electronic Filing (e-Filing), 2020 has been framed by High Court of Sikkim and published in Sikkim Government Gazette bearing No. 141 dated 26th June, 2020.
    Further, the Sikkim Court Fees and Stamps on documents (Amendment) Act, 2019 has been published in Sikkim Government Gazette bearing No. 360 dated 14th August, 2019.

    5. Other Achievements
    • High Court of Sikkim was the first High Court in the Country to implement CIS 1.0. on 1.04.2017.

    • High Court of Sikkim was the first High Court to join the National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG).

    • The High Court of Sikkim was also the first High Court to have 100% Video Conference Connectivity between the Courts and jails.

    • Justice Clock has been installed in the High Court of Sikkim on 18th February, 2020.

    • National Service and Tracking of Electronic Processes (NSTEP) has been implemented in the Subordinate Courts since March, 2019.

    • Department of Justice has placed a work order on BSNL for establishing Managed MPLS VPN based Wide Area Network for Court Complexes across the country under eCourts Project Phase-II. This connectivity has been commissioned in all Subordinate Court Complexes of Sikkim.

    • High Court of Sikkim Library has implemented KOHA an open source scalable Library Management System.

    • Digital Signature Certificates and laptops along with printer have been issued to all the Judicial Officers of the State.

    • Installation of Solar Power Plants has been completed at District Court , East Sikkim. Implementation of Solar Power Plants is under progress in other Subordinate Court Complexes.

    • Scanning and Digitization of old Case records.

    • The High Court and the Subordinate Courts of Sikkim have fully wifi enabled complexes. (This facility is not available in the some of Sub-Divisional Court Complexes)

    • Employee Identity Cards generation application has also been developed in High Court of Sikkim.