The service of summons and processes by traditional methods are often a cause for inevitable delay in speedy disposal of cases. NSTEP is a centralised process service tracking application comprising of a web application and a complementary mobile app designed to streamline the process. NSTEP Mobile App provided to bailiffs and process servers enable transparent tracking of service of notices and summons in real-time. Once the process is adopted through CIS software by the respective courts, it will become available on the NSTEP web application in the electronic format. NSTEP web application enables allocation of published processes to bailiffs if service is to be effected within their jurisdiction. It also facilitates allocation of published processes to respective court establishments inter-district or inter-state.

    The bailiffs can view the allocated processes on the NSTEP Mobile App. The Android smartphones are being provided to bailiffs which are integrated with the court’s service modules. The Bailiffs can capture GPS location, photo of the receiver or premises [where none is available to be served], the signature of the receiver and on the spot recordal of reasons for service not being effected. The data captured is instantly communicated to the central NSTEP application. From NSTEP web application data is then sent forward to CIS enabling courts to track the status of service. NSTEP thus accomplishes the following significant goals: –

    • Enables serving of Notice/Summons in electronic form
    • Posting and recordal of realtime updates from remote locations reducing inordinate delays in process service
    • Time required for serving Inter-district or Inter-state process by Post is drastically reduced by serving it in electronic form
    • Transparent tracking of service of process and summons by all stakeholders
    • GPS connectivity with Bhuvan Maps (India’s geo-platform developed by ISRO)