e-Initiatives of the High Court Tripura

    Available facility and requirements in the High Court and the Subordinate Courts of the State are as follows:-

    1. ICT (Information & Communication Technology)/ CSR (Computer Server Room): In the Registry of the High Court and at all the 16 Court sites (Agartala, Bishalgarh, Sonamura, Khowai, Udaipur, Amarpur, Belonia, Sabroom, DJ Kailashahar, CJM Kailashahar, Dharmanagar, Kanchanpur, Ambassa, Longtharai Valley, Gandacherra and Kamalpur) ICT has been extended and CSR is fully operational.

    2. Hardware Deployment & Installation: In the Registry of the High Court and at all the 16 sites, Server deployment and Installation (2 Nos. of Rack Server, 8 Nos. of Pedestal Server in eCourts Project Phase I and 10 nos. of Rack Server, 9 Nos. of Pedestal Server in eCourts Project Phase II), Hardware Deployment & Installation (Desktop PCs) has been completed for all the functional Court-rooms as per the guidelines of the eCommittee, Supreme Court of India.

    3. Laptop & Printer for Judicial Officers: Ninety-five (95) Laptops & equal nos. of Printers have been procured and distributed by the High Court among the Judicial Officers of Tripura in last 5 years. In 2020, the High Court has procured 24 laptops and equal number of printers for the newly inducted Judicial Officers from Government e-Marketplace (GeM) and these have been distributed recently by the Tripura Judicial Academy to the Officers concerned. The High Court has already floated bid in Government e-Marketplace to procure new laptops and printers for the Judicial Officers by replacing those laptops and printers which have become 5 years old.

    4. Local Area Network (LAN) Deployment & Installation: Installation of LAN materials in the 16 CCs in Tripura under Phase-II of the eCourts Project has been completed.

    5. Wide Area Network (WAN) Connectivity & Dedicated Internet: 16 Court Complexes are successfully integrated with SWAN PoP. All the 8 District & Sessions Judges’ Court Complexes have been provided with 16 MBPS leased line and 8 SDJM Court Complexes have also been provided with 8 MBPS leased line connectivity of BSNL MPLS VPN Circuit which is exclusively being used for conducting video conferencing between District Court and District Jail and also replication of Courts’ data from local server to NJDG (National Judicial Data Grid) Server.

    6. Website for District Courts: Drupal based websites for all the District Courts are functioning. The daily orders, Judgments, Notifications, Judges’ Information, latest Announcements etc. are updated on regular basis. A new Tab namely, Monthly Statement, has been added at the Home Page of Website of the District Courts for uploading the Monthly Pendency & Disposal Statement. Very soon, all the District Court Website shall migrate to S3WAAS platform.

    7. SMS Delivery to Advocates & Litigants: SMS facility has been successfully started in all the District Court Complexes of Tripura along with the High Court. The litigants and advocates can get daily updates (e.g case status, daily proceeding of cases etc.) regarding their cases through SMS service in their registered mobile numbers. The High Court of Tripura has registered the SMS header and Sender IDs under AIRTEL DLT Portal as per Telecom Commercial Communications Customers’ Preference Regulations, 2018 (TCCCPR, 2018) for which in December 2020 the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has approved the exemption of charge @ up to Rs.0.05 per SMS on the service messages delivered from the High Court CIS (Case Information System) and the District Court CIS (Case Information System).

    8. Video Conferencing Equipment Delivery & Installation: Under eCourts Project, Phase-II and during the financial year 2017-18, the High Court of Tripura has procured VC Equipments for all the Courts of the District Judiciary of Tripura and also for all the Prisons. Very recently, VC Equipments have been delivered to the new Courts of the District Judiciary which are created up to 31.12.2019. VC Equipments have also been procured for Tripura Judicial Academy. Very soon, all the Court Complexes shall be equipped to dedicated VC Cabins for the litigants/advocates by installation of additional computers with mike and camera.

    9. Diesel Generator (DG) Set: DG set is available at all the 16 CCs of the State and 1 DG set is available in Tripura Judicial Academy. 6 Nos. of DG sets are provided in eCourts Project under Phase I and 11 Nos. of DG Sets are provided in eCourts Project under Phase II.

    10. Technical Manpower (Sr. System Officer/ System Officer/ System Assistant): The High Court of Tripura has completed the process for recruitment of System Officers and System Assistants under its eCourts services and at present all the vacancies are filled up. There are two contractual software developer from NICSI in the Office of the Central Project Coordinator, High Court of Tripura for Software Development with a tenure of one year.

    11. Scanning & Digitization of Case Records: The High Court has received funds for Scanning and Digitization of Case Records from the State Government very recently and the process for selection of the digitization service provider by inviting open tender is in the final stage. A dedicated Scanning & Digitization Room has been constructed in the High Court which is to be equipped with a state of the art automation door with swing barrier system and Face Recognition System by the State PWD. The digitization of judicial records of the High Court and the District Courts will commence shortly. The High Court shall very soon procure high speed Scanners for its Registry as well as for selected Court Complexes for this purpose.

    12. Appointment of CPC & Nodal Officer and their roles: Central Project Coordinator (CPC) in the High Court and Nodal Officers for the 16(fifteen) Court Complexes have been appointed for proper monitoring the eCourts project related activities among the officers of TJS.

    13. Court Location Mobile App Progress: The Court Location Mobile Application Software provided by the eCommittee is tested in Tripura and the application software is found working.

    14. Kiosk: Kiosk machines are installed at all the 16 CCs under the eCourts project Phase-II through which Advocates, Advocate Clerks, Litigants or any other person associated with court proceedings may know the case status including Cause list, Next date and viewing order or Judgments.

    15. Digital Signature Certificate: The High Court has procured Class-II Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Tokens for all the Judicial Officers of Tripura. On and from 1st December, 2020 the High Court has directed all the District & Sessions Judges of Tripura to digitally sign the judgments, final orders, notifications, letters etc. by using the DSC Tokens on pilot basis and shortly DSCs will be circulated to all the remaining Judicial Officers.

    16. Display Board monitor: Display Board monitor displaying the status of court cases when the court is in session in all the Courts of the 16 CCs as well as High Court of Tripura have been made functional. In High Court Display Board, Scrolling Message is introduced.

    17. Implementation of High Court Display Board Mobile App (Android Version): By using this Android App any one can see the case live status of the High Court in his Android phone from anywhere.

    18. Introducing of JustIS App. (Android version) Digital Court Management Tool: JustIS Mobile App (Android) is the latest digital court management tool gifted by the eCommittee, Supreme Court of India have been installed in the Android mobile of all the Judicial Officers of the state of Tripura for efficient court case management and for speedy administration of justice at District level. This JustIS App gives the exclusive data of a particular court where the judicial officer is working with data analysis of the entire court data of the particular court like Case type wise, Year wise, stage wise disposal and pendency etc.

    19. NSTEP Mobile App.: National Service and Tracking of Electronic Processes (NSTEP) is an Android App developed for service and delivery of Court Processes. This App will be used by Bailiffs of the Courts for delivery of processes is introduced. For this, 117 Nos. of Smart Phones allotted to Bailiffs and Process Server of District & Subordinate Courts of Tripura for serving summons and notice.

    20. Solar Photovoltaic Power Plants: 10 KWp Off-grid Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant with battery backup have been installed at the 7 Court complexes ( Bishalgarh, Khowai, Kailashahar, Kanchanpur, Longtharai Valley, Gandacherra, Sonamura CCs) and the installation at the remaining 9 CCs is in progress and due for completion within 31st March 2021.

    21. GIMS App. for exchange of Official Communication among the Judicial Officer: GIMS (Government Instant Messaging Service) App. has been on boarded to all the Judicial Officer having AIJ mail id provided by the eCommittee, Supreme Court of India.

    22. Implementation of ICJS: w.e.f 15-05-2020 by implementation of ICJS in Tripura live electronic exchange of data between Courts and Police Stations have started. Now, all the Courts of the District Judiciary are receiving eFIR and eCharge Sheet from the jurisdictional Police Stations which are uploaded in CCTNS through the ICJS Module of latest CIS 3.2 Application.

    23. Implementation of District Courts CIS NC ver 3.2: The District Court CIS ver. 3.2 has been implemented at all the CCs by the month of April 2020 during the lockdown period.

    24. eFilling Module Implementation: Testing of the eFilling module has been successfully done at the Registry of the High Court and it will shortly be implemented after payment gateway integration. As per the direction of the eCommittee, eFiling Helpdesk Counters for the advocates and litigants shall be set up very soon at the Registry of the High Court and at all the Court Complexes having more than six Court Rooms.

    25. In-house Software Development: As a matter of capacity building and development of in-house softwares, the High Court Software Development Team has developed several in-house softwares like Online Leave Management Software, Judicial Officers’ Performance Appraisal Software, Inventory Management Software etc. which are scheduled to be launched very soon.

    26. SA/DSA in the district and Subordinate Courts: 8 No. of District System Administrators and 14 No. of System Administrators are Trained by CIS eCommittee those who are working in Courts (DC/TC).

    27. Training and Capacity Building of Court Staffs in Computerization: As per the direction of the eCommittee a training program of SA (System Administrator) was held on 8th March 2020 under the auspices of Tripura Judicial Academy for capacity building among the staffs of the District Judiciary.

    28. Establishment of eSewa Kendra: eSewa Kendra has been established in the Registry of the High Court on 23rd December 2020. It will be set up at all the 16 Court Complexes of Tripura very soon as an eCourts Initiative and one of the most important Citizen Centric Services which is meant to function as a one stop centre for all the eCourts Citizen Centric Services.

    29. Technical Manpower at the Office of the Central Project Coordinator (CPC): By utilizing the funds placed by the Department of Justice and on recommendation of the eCommittee, the High Court of Tripura has engaged one Sr. Software Application Support Engineer and one Software Application Support Engineer at the Office of the Central Project Coordinator for CIS Periphery development and In-house Software development. They have been engaged on contractual basis through NICSI (National Informatics Corporation Services Inc.) for a tenure of one year subject to extension by eCommittee.

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