Video Conferencing, email filing and e-filing

    1. Upon adoption of Video Conferencing and email filing, to facilitate smooth joining to the VC hearing sessions, software based automation to send advance VC links through SMS and email, was developed in integration with the published cause-list. Instant SMS Callout facility was developed for use by the Court Masters, to issue SMS alerts to the advocates for joining VC hearing sessions.
    2. From 15th August 2020, e-filing facility as developed by  Honourable the eCommittee of the Supreme Court of India was launched for select category of cases, while also establishing contactless physical filing counters.
    3. Since the onslaught of the covid-19 pandemic till the Video Conferencing mode of functioning of the High Court of Gujarat upto 11/08/2021, the judicial work undertaken by the High Court yielded Case Clearance Rate (CCR) of 78% with disposal of 79093 matters against institution of 101311 matters. These figures include a total of 22070 Interim Applications filed and 17135 Interim Applications disposed of. If only main matters are considered, the Case Clearance Rate (CCR) comes to the same i.e. 78%.
    4. Video Conferencing Rules for High Court and Subordinate Courts of the State were finalised based on the model video conferencing rules of the eCommittee, Supreme Court of India and published in the Gazette dtd. 22/01/2021.