Uniformity Exercise

    • The Rajasthan High Court is the first High Court which successfully implemented uniformity exercise.
    • Uniform Case Types and Case Nature have been implemented in all the District Courts upto Taluka Level across the State w.e.f. 01.01.2017.
    • Case Types and respective Case Natures have been standardized to have uniformity in all the Courts.
    • After introduction of National Codes and Types by Hon’ble E-Committee, New Masters of Adjournment Types, Purpose Types and Disposal Types on the lines of National Types have been inserted in the CIS to maintain uniformity across the State.
    • Rajasthan was the First State in the Country which successfully completed National Uniformity Exercise for each Establishment.
    • In addition to adopting national codes Rajasthan took its own initiative. Previously various Masters were causing difficulty in retrieving data because of their own case types. Different Master of Case Types in different Districts were creating issues in retrieving data. For example in Civil Suit Category there were various nomenclature such as “Civil Suit” “Money Suit” “Regular Civil Suits” ”Partition Suit” Suit for Damages” ”Cancellation of Sale Deed” etc. similarly for Criminal cases there were category like ”Criminal Case” ”Regular Criminal Case” ”Indian Penal Code” ”Criminal Case Complaint” “PFA Act” etc. To meet out the problem, Rajasthan created its own Uniform Case Types Master and implemented it at all District & Subordinate Courts.
    • Directions were issued to use only these case types starting from Series 501. Case Types were reduced to 34 from 250.