Status of the e-Courts’ Project – Completed & On-going

    e-Courts project is in its 2nd phase. The various schemes included in the project has been effectively implemented. All the Courts in Kerala have been brought under its net.

    Status of procurement of components for which funds have been released:

    The eCommittee allotted a total amount of ₹ 33,69,09,300/- (Rupees Thirty Three Crore Sixty Nine Lakh Nine Thousand and Three Hundred Only), under eCourts Project Phase II for 41 activities.

    Status of Activities as on 30-10-2020

    Completed Activities


    Ongoing Activities


    Steps Initiated activities


    Not Initiated




    • Completed Activities
    • Ongoing Activities
    • Steps Initiated activities
    • Not Initiated

    Additional LAN in 944 ports in 107 Courts: Owing to the withdrawal of the initial firm selected for site survey, work re-tendered and the work order issued on 22.09.2020. Work is expected to be completed within a period of 5 months.

    VC Equipments Connecting Subordinate Courts and Jails: The eCommittee allocated an amount of ₹ 3,15,00,000 for the installation of VC equipment’s in Subordinate Courts and Jails. Implementation of VC facility completed in 343 locations (one Studio each in 284 Courts and 59 Jails) which include all the Courts and Jails in Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kottayam, Ernakulam and Thrissur districts. From the allotted amount of ₹ 3.15 crores an amount of ₹ 3.1325 crores transferred to the Prisons Dept. The remaining amount of ₹ 1.75 lakhs allotted for implementation of VC at jail in Lakshadweep. Steps being taken to implement the same.

    Studio Based VC for Judicial Academy: Purchase Order issued on 06.03.2019 for a total amount of ₹ 5,87,000. Item supplied. Installation pending owing to the lack of dedicated Internet connectivity.

    Solar Power: Supply and installation of 150 KWp Grid connected Solar Power Plants in 8 Court Complexes for a total amount of ₹ 93,25,000 as given below:

    Sl. No.


    Name of Court Complex

    Proposed Capacity of Power Plant (KWp)



    District Court Complex, Vanchiyoor




    Court Complex, Kottarakkara




    Court Complex, Thodupuzha




    Court Complex, Alathur




    District Court Complex, Kozhikode




    District Court Complex, Kalpetta




    District Court Complex, Thalassery




    District Court Complex, Kasargod




    Site survey and engineering design completed at all the 8 locations. Installation completed in Thodupuzha, Kasaragod, Thiruvanthapuram and Kottarakara Court Complexes. Partial Payment of ₹ 31,61,667/- completed towards the project so far. Work expected to be completed by 19.03.2021.

    Manpower: Recruitment completed. 10 technical personnel are now assisting the Central Project Coordinator. An amount of ₹ 72,18,327 disbursed as salary for the months up to October 2020. Project to continue till March 2021.

    Justice Clock: The eCommittee allocated an amount of ₹ 13,00,000 for the purchase and installation of Justice Clock. Purchase Order for an amount of ₹ 11,26,000 issued to the vendor on 14.10.2019. Justice Clock installed in the High Court and payment effected. Installing display card suitable for displaying online data under process.

    e-Sewa Kendra: eSewa Kendra operational at the High Court and the District Court Complex, Ernakulam with effect from 14.5.2020. eSewa Kendra established at 111 court complexes out of 159 court complexes in the State utilizing the existing infrastructure.


    Smart Phones for implementing the NSTEP service: Proposal of eCommittee to provide smart phones to all the Process Servers and Bailiffs for implementing the NSTEP service that helps to track the movement and delivery of Process. More than 2400 Process Servers and Amins are reported to be currently in service in the Subordinate Courts and it is proposed to provide Smart Phones to each of them. With the cost of one Smart phone estimated at ₹ 12,000/-, the total purchase cost exceeds ₹ 2,50,00,000/-(approx.). Availability of funds being explored. Proposal for amendment of the CPC for the implementation of NSTEP pending before the Government.

    ICJS: Inter-operable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) enables live electronic exchange of data between Courts and Police in collaboration of eCourt, CCTNS, ePrisons, eProsecution, eForensic etc and these various pillars propose to exchange data seamlessly. ICJS has been installed and operationalized in all the criminal courts in the State of Kerala from 12.06.2020.

    Virtual Court

    Virtual Court: Inaugurated on 15.06.2020 and started functioning in Ernakulam district as pilot location. Presently deals with the traffic offences under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988. The Court of the Judicial Magistrate of First Class-III, Ernakulam acts as the Virtual Court with territorial Jurisdiction over the whole State of Kerala. The Span of Virtual Court will be extended to petty cases as per Section 206 of CrPC 1973 and other Compoundable offences, subject to amendment in CrPC. Presently functioning in the Ernakulam district, the Virtual Court is expected to be rolled out in Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode districts and eventually in the remaining districts.

    efiling.KeralaeFiling & ePayments: The High Court of Kerala has initiated steps to facilitate e-filing and e-Payment in Courts in the State. eFiling launched in the State at two Subordinate Courts namely Munsiff – Magistrate Court, Kolenchery and the Rent Control Court, Ernakulam with effect from 16.06.2020. eFiling to start in all the commercial courts in the State. eFiling to be introduced in all the District Courts in the District Court Complex throughout the State of Kerala.