Status of eCourt Project

    Creation   of  Computer   S e r v e r   Room  at  all  the  complexes  / Site Preparation: A dedicated area for housing the servers and other related ICT equipment’s (Computer Server Room / CSR) has been set up at each subordinate court complex. This also serves as the Judicial Service Centre, a citizen service interface counter for provision of various services such as case filing, status enquiry, etc. at the court complex.  Funds are provided to 30 new court locations and 5 existing court locations for site preparation.

    • At present there are 79 locations (37 District courts & 42 Sub-divisional courts) in Bihar where court is running.
    • Site Preparation is completed at 69 locations out of 79 locations.
    • In context of Court Complexes: – Site  preparation  is  completed  in 80  court complexes out of 90 court complexes

    LAN (Local Area Network) installation at new court complexes and up gradation of existing LAN infrastructure: – Previously only 41 locations are covered under eCourt Project Phase-I but now it has been increased to 79 locations including 37 district courts and 42 Sub-divisional Courts.

    • LAN is installed in 37 districts and 18 Sub-divisional courts.
    • In context of Courts rooms: – sanctioned court rooms – 1338
    • LAN installed (Passive and Active  Components) – 1352 courts

    Provision of Computer Server: – The purchase order of 150 Computer Server was issued for 75 locations and the same has been delivered and installed at all locations under the Phase-II.

    (150 units Tower Server Purchased from Saved Fund which is approved for appropriation for this purpose, and SAN server purchased from State Govt. Fund. Further, the matter for purchasing   of   rest Servers will   be referred before Hon’ble computer committee of this court for consideration.

    CIS Software:- At present, 37 District Courts and 42 Sub-Divisional Courts of Bihar have  been  computerized  in terms  of  CIS 3.2  installation.

    Provision of Desktop Computers, UPS, and Printers: 4924  units   of   Desktop  Computers,   3276  units   of   UPS  600Va   for  desktop computers and 1025 units of Printers have been provided to sub-ordinate courts of  Bihar and all the equipment are installed and in use to meet  the day-to-day progress of  the e-courts work.

    AMC for laptops of judicial officers:- Annual maintenance contract has been given to agency for repairing/maintaining the laptops  of  judicial officers which was given to them in year 2015.

    Provision of Connectivity, Wide Area Network implementation status in district courts of Bihar and Data on NJDG: – Previously, VpnoBB Connectivity is available at only 37 locations which has been extended to 2 more locations, hence in total 39 locations are connected. The WAN connectivity is to be implemented by BSNL by the order of Department of Justice (DOJ), New Delhi for which 77 locations have been identified and WAN is also commissioned at 77 locations. Further, a request has been sent to DOJ, New Delhi to add Sonepur (Saran at Chapra) for providing WAN connectivity.

    • At present, the CIS data  is replicated on NJDG  (National Judicial Data Grid) for all the 79 Locations

    (Including 37 District Courts & 42 Sub-Divisional Courts).

    • SMS Push service for litigants and advocates are functional at 76 locations.

    District Court information on official website: – All District Court Website have been migrated from Drupal version 6 to Drupal version 7.59. This will enable others to cater information of district courts such as Judicial Officer’s name, contact number, recruitment details, notices, tender details, judges on leave and other relevant information.

    Information kiosks at each court complex:- The Policy Document  proposes installation  of   touch-screen kiosks  at  all Court  Complexes.  These kiosks will provide services such as case status and daily order sheets to litigants without having to approach court officials. T h e KIOSK machine has been supplied to all 37 District Courts and installation is completed in all the judgeship except Sheohar.

    Display Board at each court in Subordinate Courts of Bihar:- The Policy Document proposes installation of Display Board screen (Monitor) at subordinate courts of  Bihar. These  Display Board will  provide services such as case status running  in the courts of  the  Judicial Officer such as which case if  current heard by  judicial officer,  pass over cases and upcoming  cases thus the accordingly Display Board with  extra monitor   and thin  client   machine   has  been supplied to all 1025 Courts and installation of  them is completed at all 75 locations.

    Provision for Power Backup for ICT equipment:- For sustainability and safety Of ICT equipment we need Power Backup for which D.G Set and 2kva online  UPS for Network Room has been provided to all 75 locations.

    Further installation of D.G Set has been completed for 75 locations and installation of 2kva online UPS for Network Room is also completed at all 75 locations.

    ICT  Training  for Judges &  court Staff for Capacity  building:- ICT training had been planned  to be imparted  to  judicial officers  and court staff with  an aim  to make them familiar  and proficient  in  the  use  of   ICT  tools,  which  is going   on at  regular   intervals.  As   p a r t  o f   t h e  C h a n ge  M a n a g e m e n t exercise,  Judicial Officers have  been  trained  in the  use  of  UBUNTU-Linux  OS and court staff has also  been trained  in CIS software. Bihar Judicial academy has organized time to time refresher training program for Judicial Officers, Court staffs, DSAs, System Officers and System Assistants for such Capacity building. In addition to Officers and Staff, Bihar Judicial academy also organized awareness programme for Ld. Advocates on e-Court and its services.

           Further, the training session has been also organized in Judgeship by Stock Holding Corporation of India for eCourt fee and e-Stamping and the same has been operational in almost all the District Courts including High


    Technical  Manpower: – We have deployed 1 Senior System  Officer, 1 System Officer, 2 System  Assistant in High Court, 1 System  Officer, 2 System  Assistant in each District  headquarters and 1 System Assistant  in each  sub-divisional  court for maintenance of  computerization under e-Courts project.

    Video Conferencing:-

    • Facilities in courts and  jails:  Presently  point  to point video  Conferencing  facility  is  available  in  37  District  Courts  and  16  Sub Divisional Courts comprising  53 Court locations provided by State Govt.
    • Studio Based VC: “Studio Courts” made functional in Patna High Court. The facility extended to District Courts as well, with two “studio courts” in each District and one in each sub-division.
    • Web Based VC: MPLS connectivity with Broadband facility has been provided by BSNL as primary connection and by Airtel as secondary connection. MPLS connectivity with speed of 8Mbps to 34 Mbps has been provided to the each court of the District.
    • VC Apps: “Microsoft Teams” software has been provided to all the Judicial Officers of the Bihar for e-hearing of proceedings through video conferencing in view of Covid-19 Pandemic situation.

    Solar  energy  for  power  backup:- The UPS and  DG  sets for servers and judicial service  centers have been installed  in Phase I and Phase-II of  the project,  but there  is no provision of power back-up for thin clients, printers and other hardware. In this regard, the Policy Document proposes to utilize solar energy, as an alternate source, being environment friendly and easily available. It is proposed to initially cover 5% of the total court complexes, thus we started working on it and total 38 judgeships selected for installation of Roof Top Solar Panel. As per the report received from BREDA installation work is completed at 31 locations and at 4 locations work is under process. Further for 3 locations, fund is not allotted to BREDA by State Govt.

    Installation of CCTV Camera in Court Rooms and Court Premises for security purpose:- State Govt. has issued a work order to Beltron for installing CCTV camera in the Court Rooms and Court Premises of the Sub-Ordinate Courts of  the Bihar. As of now, CCTV camera is installed & functional  in Court Rooms at 68 locations  out of  79 locations  and for security  purpose it  has been also  installed at 67 location out of  79 locations.

    Status of e-filing, e-payment, NSTEP , ICJS, e-Sewa Kendra and Delay Reasons(On NJDG)

    e-filing NSTEP ICJS e-Payment e-Sea Kendra Delay Reasons
    Implemented in Hon’ble High Court. Implemented in District Court Implemented in District Court e-payment for Court Fee has been Implemented for Hon’ble High Court and District Court. Established at Patna High Court, Patna Civil Court, Bettiah (West Champaran), Siwan Civil Court, Vaishali Civil Court, Nalanda Civil Court and Bedauli, Lakhnaur Panchayat (Masaurhi). Delay reason in pending cases (more than 2 year) for District Courts has been completed about 96% on the NJDG site


    Order/Judgements on NJDG:- Total 1329036 Orders of Sub-ordinate Courts of Bihar have been uploaded on NJDG.

    CIS on Cloud:- Tested successfully for Gaya District.

    Updation of Judicial Officer’s details on NJDG:- The Hon’ble eCommittee, Supreme  Court of  India  started SMS facility for Judicial Officers to know how many cases are being  undated (Those  cases having  Next Listing  Date less  than Current date) in their  courts  on daily basis,  for that purpose it  is necessary to enter and update the details of  Judicial Officers on NJDG, the same has been entered by us.

    Further, All the Judicial Officers have boarded on JustIS and GIMS App, which provide the latest status of  their court’s data  like today’s cases, pending cases, undated cases , disposal cases etc. from NJDG.

    eCourt service publicity and awareness: – eCourt services publicity and awareness posters are circulated to sub-ordinate courts of  bihar for increasing awareness  among  litigants, advocates and other  stakeholders  as per  the direction of Hon’ble  eCommittee,  Supreme  Court of  India and the same are pasted by districts on the walls of  court complexes.


    Backlog Data Entry:- For the efficient implementation  of  eCourt project and delivery of  Citizen Centric Services through CIS software it is necessary to enter and update all the  cases  in CIS. In order to achieve the same, backlog cases Data entry has been completed for most of the locations.

    eCourt Citizen Centric Services delivered by District Courts of Bihar:- eCourt project provides many kind of  services  to litigants,  Lawyers  and other stakeholders  via  SMS,  email,  Web pages, Kiosk Machine  at court premises,  and online  Display Board placed  beside  the Court rooms of  Judicial Officer. Some of the services listed here.

    • Pull SMS service.
    • Online Case Status.
    • Kiosk Machine at court Premises.
    • Online Cause list.
    • Automated Email service.
    • Advance Cause list.
    • Order/Judgment available on NJDG.
    • Find the case  status  via   Android   app  launched   by  Hon’ble
    • eCommittee Supreme Court of
    • District Court website.
    • Online Status of Running cases via  Display board  places  there after  Court  Rooms  of   Judicial  Officer  in  subordinate  courts of Bihar.
    • Find the Court Complex locations with address details via Android app.
    • A awareness program to Litigant/people/advocates about the NJDG and eCourt Services is initiated in subordinates courts of Bihar with the help of posters and gestures, and SMS pull services on the direction of Hon’ble eCommittee of

    Supreme Court of India.

    • SMS pull service Ecourt<space><CNR Number> To 9766899899

    Sustainability of the project:- Memorandum of understanding  (MoU) under E-Courts project has   been signed by the Central Government, State Government and Patna High Court. The State  Government of   Bihar  is assisting  financially  by  providing  fund  under  E-Court MMP  project  to the High Court and District Courts in financial year for sustainability of the project.