Status of e-Courts project – Completed and on-going

    S.No Status of Components Status as on 30.11.2022
    1 Computers for covered Courts (1+3) Completed
    2 LAN for covered Courts Completed
    3 Computers for Not covered Courts (1+3) Completed
    4 LAN for Not covered Courts Completed
    5 Duplex Laser Printers Completed
    6 MFD Printers Completed
    7 Display Monitor with Thin Clients Completed
    8 Extra Monitor with splitter Completed
    9 Remaining/Additional (1+3) computers and LAN for not covered Courts Completed
    10 DLSA and TLSC Completed
    11 SJA Completed
    12 Kiosk for District Courts Completed
    13 Kiosks for Taluka Complexes Completed
    14 Projector with Screen for all Court Complexes Completed
    15 USB Hard Disk for all CC Completed
    16 DG Set for Network Room for all Court Complexes Completed
    17 UPS for Network Room. Completed
    18 UPS for Computers Completed
    19 VC equipments for Courts and Jails in Phase II. Completed
    20 Servers for High Courts and District Courts Completed
    21 Justice Clocks Completed
    22 Smart Phones Completed
    23 Digital Signature Certificate Digital Signature Token has been approved by the High Court and District Judges were permitted to purchase tokens as per requirement.