Online e-Filing System

    In Delhi High Court, e-Filing facility was started from the e-Filing Centre(s) situated in Delhi High Court and, thereafter, the facility was also made operational from the e-Filing Centre(s) of different Delhi District Courts.

    Initially, e-Filing was mandatory in Company, Tax and Arbitration jurisdictions only from the designated e-Filing Centres.

    On 13th June 2020, Hon’ble the Chief Justice, High Court of Delhi launched ‘Online e-Filing System’ to enable the Advocates/Litigants-in-person to file fresh cases as well as applications, replies, rejoinders, documents etc. in the pending cases at any time from the comfort of their homes/offices/chambers as per ‘PRACTICE DIRECTIONS FOR ONLINE ELECTRONIC FILING (E-FILING) IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI’.

    The link to access the ‘Online e-Filing System’ is available on the homepage of the official website of Delhi High Court, as follows:

    All the Advocates/Litigants-in-person registered with the previous e-Filing facility can access/log into the new ‘Online e-Filing System’ through their login credentials. However, any new Advocate/Litigant-in-person has to first register with the ‘Online e-Filing System’.

    At present, only the urgent matters filed through ‘Online e-Filing System’ with ‘Reference Number’ are listed for hearing through video conferencing. 

    Whereas, the non-urgent/ordinary matters, filed through ‘Online e-Filing System’ will be taken up for scrutiny only after the normal functioning of the Court is resumed, unless otherwise directed by the authorities.

    The scrutiny of e-filed cases is also done through e-Filing system and, thereafter, the cases are further processed through Case Management System. There is a separate portal for obtaining the ‘Reference Number’ for the purpose of filing of urgent matters, i.e., . The portal is available from 9:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. on all working days. The e-filing link can also be visited by visiting the website, as follows: