HCCIS Periphery Modules – HCK


    HC CIS Periphery Modules

    Services included in HC CIS Core Application

    • Updation of Current heard/ passed over cases/ Announcement of Court Hall for display Board.

    • Cause List Entry/Generation

    • LokAdalat Cause List Entry/Generation

    • Module to list appeals registered by trial court.

    • Statistical Reports of Filing, Disposal, Pendency with multiple search parameters.

    Copying Section IV

    • Registration of Copying Request with generation of Acknowledgment

    • Ready/ Rejection/ Deliver of CCA

    • Deficit Fee Collection

    • Global Rejection of CCA for non-payment of DCF after the notification period.

    • Generation of registers and refund vouchers.

    • Global Extension of Reporting Date and forfeit of rejected applications


    • Registration of Copying request with the details of the documents requested and acknowledgment generation.

    • Request the file to respective sections and Request slip generation

    • Stay/Interim Orders Received by pending sections

    • Ready/ Rejection/ Deliver of CCA

    • Generation of registers and refund vouchers.

    Printing Section

    • Online Report for automatic listing of the certified copy applications that could be printed and made ready with deficit/ refund calculation

    Judges Chamber

    • Release entry of judgments (Reported judgments are also marked)

    • Cause Title generation

    • Reports listing released/unreleased/reported judgments and daily orders.

    Cash Counter

    • Fees collection for certified copy application (Final and Interim Orders)

    • Refund of Excess fee paid for CCA(Final and Interim Orders)

    • Reports listing abstract of Court fee, Process, Copying charges.

    • Board Branch/Court Hall Proceeding/ Lok Adalat
    • Generation of order sheet with court fee for all pending cases

    • Generation of order sheet and join memo for Lok Adalat.


    • Inward Entry/Modification/Deletion (Includes Acknowledgments, Undelivered Cover, Undelivered Letter, LCR)

    • Inward Registers section wise

    • Query on tappal details by case number

    SMS Module

    • SMS to advocate notifying the scrutiny objections, certified copy ready status, deficit to be paid in certified copy

    • SMS to advocate notifying the posting of the cases.

    • SMS to advocate on filing of cases and registration of cases.

    • The number of cases not posted for more than 6 months is intimated to concerned section officer, registrars and judicial head through SMS every week .


    • Case Status by case number

    • Certified Copy Status by case number/application number

    • Cause List search by advocate name/court hall

    • Party Details by case number

    • Interim Applications registered on the case

    • Caveat status by case /caveat number

    • Judicial deposits made on a case

    • Verify advocate details by name or enrolment number

    Display Board

    • Current Heard/Passed over cases and Announcement made in Court Hall.

    Query Counter

    • Case Status by case number and lower court number

    • Certified Copy Status of Copying -III/IV by CCA number and Case Number

    • Caveat Match Status

    • Tappal Inward Query

    • IA registered by case number

    • Judicial Deposit Cheque details by case number.

    Decree Section

    • Decree Text/ Schedule entry and decree generation

    • Notify decree drafted with generation of notify report with the advocate details to notify the advocate to verify the draft.

    • Lower Court records (LCR) Dispatch entry.

    • Dispatch of Autograph to government departments with generation of bundle/dispatch register and address for pasting the same on the dispatch cover.

    Judicial Dispatch

    • Outward entry of Judicial Dispatches made for serving notice/interim order to Litigant/Lower Court.

    Pending Branches

    • Notice Entry/Generation
    • Running Index Entry
    • Search text in prayer
    • Cause Title Generation