E-Seva Kendra at High Court of Madhya Pradesh

    The following facilities are available at e-Seva Kedra:-

    • Handling inquires about case status, next date of hearing and other details.
    • Facilitate online applications for certified copies and other such filing.
    • Facilitate e-filing of petitions in the software.
    • To assist in online purchase of e-stamp papers / e-payments/ e-Court fees.
    • Publicize and assist in downloading the mobile app of e-Court for “android” and “iOS” operating system.
    • Facilitate in booking of e-Mulakat appointment for meeting relatives locked in Jail.
    • Handling queries about location of the particular court, its cause-list and whether the case is taken up for hearing or not.
    • Guide people on how to avail free legal services from District Legal Service Authority, High Court Legal Service Committee and Supreme Court Legal Service Committee.
    • Explain method of arranging and holding a video conference court hearing.
    • Provide softcopy of judicial orders / judgments via email, whatsapp or any other available mode.
    • All other queries and assistance in respect of facilities which are digitally available under e-Court project.