e-Initiatives of the High Court Allahabad

    e-Initiatives of the High Court

    The official Website of the Allahabad High Court has been developed in-house. The Mail server, Application Server, Database server etc. have been installed and the following applications are functional on it:

    • Online availability of Fresh and daily Cause List of cases: The list of all the fresh and listed cases containing the information relating to a case is published on day to day basis on the website.
    • Online Judgment and Copying System: The software contains several modules to facilitate typing and publication of judgments online and issuance of authenticated copies of judgments to litigants and lawyers

    • Court wise Case Running Information System: Case information being taken up in a Court room is displayed to the lawyers/ litigants through official website and several Digital Display Boards installed at vantage points. SMS’s and emails are also being sent to stakeholders.

    • Case Information Kiosk: 2 Kiosk machines have been installed to provide information relating to status of cases.

    • Online Case Status Enquiry System: The litigants/ counsel can get information relating to the status of cases from the website.

    • Computerized Case Information Counter: Case related information are available at these counters on a nominal fee.

    • Wi-fi: The entire campus of Allahabad High Court is now facilitated with high speed Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi facility shall make the process of transmitting and receiving alerts/ massages quick and reliable. The lawyers/ litigants may avail several technology driven services of Allahabad High Court on their Mobile Phones viz. list of fresh cases and daily cause list, Judgments, Court wise real time based case running information, enquiry of status of cases etc. The work of extension of the Court’s existing Wi-Fi network to the newly constructed 30 Court building is also completed and are functional.

    • SMS facility: The bulk SMS facility to Lawyers/ litigants has been started to provide the following information:

    • Daily cause list of cases containing information relating to a case viz. Case no., date of listing, serial number, Court no. etc.

    • Customized/ personalized cause list, case status etc. to lawyers/ litigants.

      Further, the following information/ notification are also being sent to the Lawyer/ litigants through SMSs:

    • Details of cases viz. case type, case number, date of filing, date of listing, Court number etc.

    • Discrepancy(ies), if any, in petition viz. Court fee, lack of information/ document etc.

    • Real time information of cases, notification on direction of Court etc.

            On an average approximately 50 Lakhs SMSs are being sent to the Lawyers/ litigants annually.

    • Vacancy Portal : The vacancies related to various Sections of the High Court is being published and monitored on the Court’s website.

    • Budget : Web-based service has been initiated for budget monitoring. The service caters the need of detailed information visualization with regard to budgeting. Data flow lined in the service includes grant of budget by Government/ Other Authority, its demand and allocation plus utilization of sanctioned figures.

    • Uploading of digitized case files to Supreme Court’s Server: Case files of Allahabad High Court required to be sent to the Supreme Court are now being scanned, indexed and uploaded on the server of the Supreme Court.

    • Implementation of CIS (Case Information System) version 1.0: The High Court has successfully implemented CIS 1.0 at Allahabad High Court. All the Courts are functioning over CIS.

    • Online Gate Pass: The facility of online gate pass system has been started from 9 July 2018 onwards. The module is being designed in such a way that a litigant may apply and can get online gate pass to make a visit to the Court room/ Chamber of advocate. The online gate pass can be downloaded into Mobile/ Tablet and has to be produces with original ID proof at the time of entrance. More than 92,293 gate passes have been issued through eGate Pass system till date.

    • Installation of Justice Clock: The Justice Clock to display statistical data regarding institution, disposal, pendency etc. of cases at run time, has been installed at Allahabad High Court and is working properly since October, 2019.