e-Initiatives of the High Court of Jharkhand

    • Implementation of CIS (Case Information System) version 1.0: CIS version 1.0 has been successfully implemented in High Court of Jharkhand.
    • Periphery Reports of CIS: Menu based system has been developed for generating periphery reports, viz; (Fees & Documents, Case No. wise disposal, Judge Wise disposal (Total Count of Case & IA), Nature wise disposal count, Order Sheet, Institution Register, Case Register (Nature wise Count Pendency/Disposal), IA No. wise disposal, IA Register, Cause list, Daily Proceedings of CIS of High Court.
    • Online availability of Case Status and Daily/Supplementary Cause List of cases: Case Status and Daily/Supplementary Cause List of cases are published on the website of the High Court of Jharkhand.
    • Display board/Case Running Information System: Case information being taken up in a Court room is displayed to the lawyers/ litigants through official website and several Digital Display Boards installed in the Court room and vantage points. It is also displayed on Jistice clock installed in the High Court premises in public view.
    • E-Filing:High Court of Jharkhand has started E-filing module provided in the CIS for online filing of cases and other documents.
    • Online Certified Copy: A software for instant online apply and making online payment for certified copy of Order and Judgement has been developed for High Court.
    • e-Court fee: E-payment of the Court Fee in the High Court of Jharkhand has been made Live in view of Covid-19 situation, so that advocates/Litigants may avoid physical submission of Court Fee. An ONLINE E-COURT FEE module/link has been provided in the High Court of Jharkhand website in this regard.
    • Online Defective Filing Status: In View of Covid-19 pandemic situation, in order to avoid physical inspection of the Defective Cases which are being pointed out by concerned Section of the High Court, a Software has been developed for convenience of the Advocates/Litigants and a module for online view of defective filing has been provided in High Court of Jharkhand website to view online the defects of their filed cases. Also, a software regarding further Stamp Reporting for the second time has been developed and module of this is available on the High Court of Jharkhand website for online viewing.
    • Digitization of Records of High Court: Under Process and continuing. About 8 crores pages have been reported to be scanned till now and after preparing its metadata nearly 4.6 crores pages have been uploaded on DMS of the Court.
    • Installation of Justice Clock:Justice Clock is installed and operational in the premises of the High Court which is facilitating display of case related and other useful information related to e-Courts project beneficial to litigants, advocates and general public.
    • Website accessibility for visually challenged persons: Added at the dashboard of the website of the High Court of Jharkhand with audio captcha, PDF as searchable and readable by screen reader for blind persons.
    • Wi-Fi: The entire campus of High Court of Jharkhand is now facilitated with Wi-Fi network. The Wi-Fi facility shall make the process of transmitting and receiving alerts/messages quick and reliable. The lawyers/litigants may avail several technology driven services of High Court of Jharkhand on their Mobile Phones viz. daily cause list, Judgements, Court wise real time based case running information, enquiry of status of cases etc.
    • E-Visitor Pass: A facility to apply online for entry of advocates and litigants in the premises of High Court and court rooms is provided in the official website of High Court of Jharkhand.
    • FASTER: To enable communication of order and other directions of SCI, jcn mail of all the Principal District and Sessions Judges of the Judgeship have been created which are active and communicated to FASTER Cell of SCI. Standing order by High Court of Jharkhand has been issued directing all concerned to ensure compliance and execution of orders and other processes communicated by Hon’ble Supreme Court of India through FASTER on 15.03.2022
    • DATA BANK IN CIS: A Software to maintain Data Bank of ready cases for listing has been developed and running successfully.
      • In-house software of Vigilance report of Judicial Officers developed.
      • In-house software of all details of the Judicial Officers (Bio data) developed.

    • 1st SOLAR PLANT IN CIVIL COURT ACROSS INDIA WAS INSTALLED IN KHUNTI JUDGESHIP: Presently in 16 District Roof top Solar plants working and in rest under progress.
      sololar_powed_khuti sololar_powed_khuti

      • BSNL MPLS WAN and BSNL Broadband Connectivity in District Courts.
      • All jails are connected with court for appearance and other purposes.
      • One Desktop VC facility in all Districts and 217 Court rooms have been given VC facilities.
    • COURT-JAIL VIDEO CONFERENCING: The Court-Jail Video Conferencing has been implemented in all 24 District Courts and 4 Sub Divisional Courts for routine remands, production of under-trial prisoners as well for e-Trial for recording evidence in sensitive cases.
    • VC SYSTEMS: In 213 Court rooms VC Systems are working. High Court of Jharkhand (Video Conferencing for Courts) Rules & Regulations, 2020 have also been notified on 20.07.2020 and 14.01.2021 respectively.