e-Initiatives of the High Court of Karnataka, Principal Bench, Bengaluru, Dharwad and Kalaburgi Bench

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    e-Initiatives of the High Court of Karnataka, Principal Bench, Bengaluru, Dharwad and Kalaburgi Bench
    Title Description

    Telegram Channel

    Telegram Channel was officially launched on July 08 2021  for High Court of Karnataka and for District Judiciary in 30 Districts of the State of Karnataka.

    The prime object of Telegram Channels is of real time delivery of e-court  service relating to case information in the form of cause list, case status, daily notifications, display boards of High Court and other ongoing activities of the Karnataka Judiciary.

    Large Number of Bar Members have subscribed to the High Court channel and across the state in 30 districts.

    Telegram Chat bot – Karnataka High Court Virtual Case Information Services (HCKChatBot)
    HCKChatBot can be used as Virtual Enquiry Counter to avail the services of Cause Lists, Case Status, Daily Orders/Judgments, Certified Copy Status, IA Status by Case Number, Scrutiny Objections by Case Number and Current Hearing and Passed Over Cases information of Court of Karnataka.

    Live Streaming of Court Hall proceedings
    The High Court of Karnataka Principal Bench, Bengaluru started Live Streaming of Court Hall Proceedings ( CH-01) on pilot basis from June 2021.

    Installation of Justice Clock
    Justice Clock to display the Institution, Pendency , Disposal of cases to the public . It is deployed in the front premises of High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore from February 2021 and Dharwad Bench from April 2021 also in Kalaburgi Bench from July 2021.


    Video Conference

    VC Between District Court and Jail is available via KSWAN Network.

    Using on-premises deployed Jitsi Application.

    A way forward Karnataka High Court has adopted a Hybrid VC system for court proceedings and set a model for all courts in the country. The said system is to enable both physical and virtual presence.

    Studio VC and Video Wall : is a hardware based VC.(Kodak, Mike System and Display TV). It is implemented throughout the State.

    VC Between District Court and Jail is also provided.


    Digital Signatures

    Digital Signature Certificates serves as a proof of identity which can be presented electronically. The DSC in Judiciary is used to digitally sign the Judgment/Orders that are uploaded to Dspaces of Internal and Public. The delegated Users are PS on behalf of Hon’ble Judges. Internal DSpace is used to issue CC of Judgments / orders through physically at Counter and online.

    HiTech Security Setup /CCTV Surveillance


    A centralized Hi Tech Security Setup is done and monitored at Control Room at HCK premises by Police Department.

    Display Board


    Online Display Board Announcement is available in High Court Office i.e., Outside  Court Rooms and Inside Court Rooms and in website.

    Display Board displays information about running case details (Case No, List No, Court Hall No, Stage) and Passed over case details and also any announcement messages to the Advocates.



    KOHA is a well-established FOSS (Free Open Source Software) ILS world’s best open source library automation software, used by over 3,000 academic, public and special libraries around the world. In India, libraries of esteemed institutions such as British Council Libraries, IIM Ahmadabad, and Mysore University are implementing this software. Koha encapsulates all modules required for a comprehensive library software.

    KOHA has all the modules you would expect in a fully-functional library software – acquisition, serials, members, circulation, cataloging, reports and tools. Koha is Standards compliant – MARC (machine-readable cataloging) 21 ( or UNIMARC) for cataloging, Z39.5 for copy cataloging, UTF-8 for non-English catalogue data, and SIP2 for RFID integration.

    KOHA was implemented at High Court of Karnataka Bengaluru in the year 2015. The catalogue items present in database is 50000/- records. At Kalaburgi Bench in the year 2015. The catalogue items present in database is 20000/- records. At Dharwad Bench in the year 2016. The catalogue items present in database is 30000 records. Regularly database dump is sent to Supreme Court Library via email. Catalogue, Serials, Acquisitions and Reports / Statistics Modules are implemented in Principle Bench of High Court, Kalaburgi Bench and Dharward Bench.

    eOffice Premium


    eOffice is a cloud enabled Application that can be deployed/hosted in any data centre or in any cloud identified by the organization.

    An Open Architecture on which eOffice has been built, makes it a reusable framework and a standard reusable product amenable to replication across the governments, at the central, state and district levels. The product brings together the independent functions and systems under a single framework.

    eOffice Premium eFiling Module is implemented at High Court of Karnataka in the year 2017 on pilot basis in Library Branch and District Judiciary Branch – III.

    Capacity building and ICT Training


    District System Administrator (DSA’s), System Administrators (SA’s), Technical Officers, staffs, Ubuntu-cum-CIS Master Trainers, VC Master Trainers and CIS Master Trainers are being utilized on a regular basis for imparting ICT Training and on the use of “CIS, e-filing and eCourts Services” to advocates too.

    e-Inaugraution by Virtual System


    e-Inaugraution is conducted virtually by Hon’ble High Court from time to time. Such e-Inaugraution were held under egis’s of High Court of Karnataka, Karnataka Judicial Academy , Karnataka State Legal Service Authority, Bangalore Mediation Centre and various other functions of District Judiciary.


    e-Mega Lokadalath

    Lok Adalat is one of the alternative dispute redressal mechanisms and it is a forum where disputes/cases pending in the court of law or at pre-litigation stage are settled/ compromised amicably.

    In HCLSC, KSLSA, DLSA, TLSC all cases are conducted virtually especially during Covid -19 so as to provide access to ADR System.

    Online Law Library


    Online Law Libraries SCC online , Manupatra and AIR login are provided to Hon’ble Judges of High Court of Karnataka and Judicial Officers through out the State.

    Biometric Attendance and Monitoring


    Biometric Attendance is implemented for officers / officials of High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore and Benches of Dharward and Kalaburgi.

    Presence on eTender Portal and Government e-Marketplace (GeM) Portal of India.


    eProcurement is used for procurement of Computer Hardware funded by State and eCommittee under eCourts Projects.


    Implementation of HC CIS 1.0

    High Court Case Information Management System is successfully implemented at   High Court of Karnataka, Bengaluru in the year October 2019 Dharwad Bench, HCK in the year October 2020 Kalaburgi Bench, HCK in the year September 2020.



    eFiling is successfully implemented at High Court of Karnataka from July 2020 and  also enabled in all courts of the State.

    Digitization of District Courts


    It is successfully implemented on pilot Basis at Record Room, High Court of Bangalore as an in-house programme.

    Offical Website of HC




    E-payment of copying charges, court fee and process fee

    Advocates and Litigants opt the services to pay the Court Fee and Copying Fee online .

    • Online payment is enabled with K2 integration for payment of copying charges, court fee and process fee at HCK.

    • E-payment is also enabled at the counter in High Court of Karnataka through Point of Sale device (POS).



    E-issue of certified copy for Final order/ Decree

    Digitally Signed certified copy along with facing sheet with all details of the application is sent to Advocate/Litigant through E-mail using NIC SMTP Relay Service.



    E-registration of certified copy application

    The Litigant / Advocate who  applied via the online portal Copying Application portal receives the Judgement via email.

    Online registration of certified copy request for final order, interim order, lower court records, petition copy etc.



    Online Case Status :

    The complete case history regarding the Case Information, Party Information, Trail Court Information, Daily Order Information, Judgement Upload Information, Certified Copy Information , Indexing Sheet Information , Scrutiny Information in a single page.



    Causelist :

    Cause list is integrated with Telegram and Hyperlink of Case details has been integrated directly to the complete case history page.

    Telegram Integration (cause list /Notification ) to Registered Advocates and Litigant.

    Cause list is sent through SMS to the Registered Advocates and Litigant.



    Case Information KIOSK

    4 information KIOSKs at the premises of the High Court  installed to provide information to the Advocates and Litigant public regarding the Cause list, Status of a case, Status of application for Certified copy, Judicial Deposits and all other information that is available over the Website.



    DSPACE – Scanning and Digitization

    Judgement / Orders can be retrieved from DPSACE on various search criteria.



    Daily Orders

    Daily Orders can be searched individually based on various Criteria in DSPACE through High Court website.