Computer Programme for Pagination of Paper Book

    • Every petition, appeal or pleading is required to have pagination. If and when any further pleadings, such as reply, counter affidavit, rejoinder etc. is filed, the same is required to be paginated in continuation of already filed pleadings, so that the relevant papers can be located in the file with the help of index.
    • A difficulty was being faced of having common pagination by different parties; therefore, to address the same, a computer programme was developed for chronological paging of the paper book. This computer programme displays last page number of the petition/ appeal on the web site of Rajasthan High Court from which the fresh pleadings should begin.
    • Lawyers and litigants intending to file fresh pleadings are required to visit the web site in advance to check the slot available in the given petition/appeal. If by mistake such pleading is field with page numbers already exhausted, the scrutiny clerk would immediately point out the same to the concerned Advocate/litigant about the page number wherefrom the pleadings should begin. Parties and counsels are updated in real time about filing of documents in their case.
    • This is the first computer programme of its kind in any of the High Court.  This computer programme has been shared with all the High Courts as a part of sharing best practices.