Citizen Centric Services

    Citizen Centric Services provided by the High Court and District Judiciary are as follows:

    1. Upgradation of CIS from 3.0 to 3.2 in all Court Complexes with Data Migration. Traffic Challan, Petty Offence cases entry and ICJS module in the CIS NC 3.2.
    2. Filing at Centralized Filing Counter and generation of Receipt containing filing number.
    3. Push bases SMS on filing, registration, listing and disposal of cases.
    4. Scrutiny objections through the software and information by SMS.
    5. Judgments storing system in the Server, which can be accessed by authorized persons from Court or Copying Agency etc.
    6. Judgment on Website with search facility with maximum search criteria.
    7. Forms for generation of statements, reports and the registers in the prescribed format (abiding by the statutory requirement) is made available on intranet (LAN).
    8. Automatic Caveat Checking.
    9. Cause List on Internet (with Searchable Fields) to be made available.
    10. Court Calendars is generated automatically.
    11. 24×7 current case status through internet is available in the website of the High Court.
    12. Availability of Orders in the Server, which can be accessed by authorized persons from Court or Copying Agency etc.
    13. Daily Orders in the Website.
    14. Introduction of CNR facility to fetch records digitally from the District Judiciary or any other High Court through the software.
    15. Accounting module (in periphery) to take care of expenses incurred and fee to be paid.
    16. Audit and Inventory of all machines, materials with their location until disposed of.
    17. Complete Court Fee structure to be introduced by auto-calculation.
    18. LAN based enquiry Kiosk in the High Court premises.
    19. Document Filing to be introduced.
    20. Justice Clock (Large Video Wall) has been procured and Installed in the Registry of the High Court of Tripura which is displaying the daily status of pendency of cases in the High Court and all Courts of the District Judiciary of Tripura.
    21. As a part of its Citizen Centric Service, the High Court will soon introduce facility for obtaining online certified copies of Judgments and Orders for the litigants through separate KIOSK Machine.
    22. Virtual court for disposal of cases involving traffic offences instituted on the basis of eChallan generated by traffic police shall soon be implemented and on implementation of it the traffic offenders would be able to pay the fine online through different payment modes like Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, eWallet, UPI etc. sitting at his home without visiting the court or appointment of a lawyer.
    23. The High Court and the Court Complexes of the Subordinate Judiciary shall be equipped with eFiling Help Desk Counters for the litigants who are desirous of eFiling their cases. An eFiling Help Desk Counter shall be equipped with one All In One Desktop PC and Scanner.
    24. The High Court and the Subordinate Judiciary shall have dedicated VC Cabin very soon which may be used by the advocates/litigants if their cases are heard through Video Conferencing by the Courts. Every VC Cabin shall be equipped with a Desktop Computer with webcam, mic, speaker etc. for video conferencing purpose.
    25. After the implementation of ePayment facility, which is now pending with the NIC Pune team, the litigants/advocates would be able to pay court fees, fines, penalties and various kind of judicial deposits in connection with cases pending before the Court online through Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, eWallet, UPI etc. from the ePay Portal (
    26. Very soon the eCommittee shall extend the weblink of Free Text Judgment Search to the litigants which will enable them to search any cases, judgments/final orders etc. passed by any High Court.
    27. Digitization of records of the District Judiciary by setting up of the District Digitization Centre, for which no fund is available at present.
    28. Technological upgradation on the basis of yearly audit, for which steady fund flow is required to be ensured.
    29. Creating a technical response team to attend the hardware or software upgradation and assistance to the Judicial Officers and the System, is necessary. At present, maintenance is being outsourced through AMC.