Best Practices of the High Court

    Capacity building and ICT Training

    To enhance the knowledge on Information and Communication Technology, State Judicial Academy conducts regular training and interaction sessions among the Judicial Officers, staffs, Process servers & bailiffs. The services of the District System Administrator (DSA’s), System Administrators (SA’s), Technical Officers, staffs, Ubuntu-cum-CIS Master trainers, VC master trainers and CIS Master trainers are being utilized on a regular basis for imparting ICT training and on the use of “CIS, e-filing and eCourts Services”. Further, the services of the IT Officers/Computer Operators/Computer staffs are being utilized in developing/customizing in-house software applications for use in Office.
    Training on “eFiling and eCourts Services” was imparted to the Lawyers by the Master Trainers. The nominated lawyers by the bar to be Advocate master trainers have been trained through a webinar conducted by the State Judicial Academy on the 19th September 2020. The services of the Advocate Master Trainers will be utilized in imparting ICT training to other advocates.

    Awareness about eCourts Project

    To create awareness of eCourts project, the District Judges, Nodal Officers, Bar association displayed Posters for awareness of e-Courts services to litigants in local languages (Khasi, Jaintia, Garo) convenient to ligitants of a particular District in addition to English and Hindi language.

    Training on Expenditure Advance Transfer (EAT) module of Public Finance Management System

    Since PFMS (EAT) module is a must for the future releases of funds from the Department of Justice, a hands-on training was conducted and imparted to the 3(three) Accounting staffs w.e.f 3rd September – 11th September 2020 by PFMS experts and by the training conducted by the Ministry of Law & Justice on the use and implementation of PFMS (Expenditure Advance Transfer) module for the High Court which is a functional module for monitoring the ultimate utilisation of funds.