TSHC – Best practices adopted at District and Subordinate Courts of State of Telangana

    • Remote Management of Display Boards and KIOSKs. Switching on and off of the Display boards and KIOSKs at the Subordinate Court complexes, remotely from Server Room.
    • Providing three monitors inside the Court Halls of Subordinate Courts, one additional monitor apart from the two monitors provided under eCourts project.
    • Putting Printers in Network, instead of standalone printer for each desk, using a single network printer for multiple clients.
    • Providing internet connectivity to the Courts and Server Rooms in District Courts, internet connectivity has been provided to the Courts for the preparation of bills, for browsing Legal Database, and other office purposes. The Server Room Internet connection is used as an alternative connection for the MPLS for data replication purposes.
    • Registration of Mobile number of the Litigants at the Judicial Service Centre and installation of eCourt services mobile app on their mobile phones, the Judicial Service Centres in the Subordinate Court complexes are spreading awareness about the benefits of registering Mobile number and email at the time of filing of the cases and encouraging them to register there and then itself. The Staff are also installing eCourt service mobile application on the mobile phones of the interested litigant public.
    • Creation of Template Order for dismissed for default at the subordinate Courts, to upload the orders of the Cases which are disposed or dismissed for default.
    • DDS Web portal for Judicial Officers, Daily Disposal Statistics (DDS) updated by each individual Judicial Officer by logging into the Web portal and enter the work done viz., cases heard, disposed etc., by them on that particular day.