Status of the Court projects

    Status of the e-Courts Projects – Completed and On-going

      • ICJS – ICJS (Inter-operable Criminal Justice System) functional in all the District Courts of Uttar Pradesh. The Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) has been inaugurated and made functional from 23rd Feb 2021 to facilitate speedy justice through data-exchange between the courts and police. Further, eFIR and eChargesheet in PDF format downloadable facility also available in CIS for the District Courts of Uttar Pradesh. Court Fees payment through Online payment mode has been enabled for District Courts of Uttar Pradesh on ePay Portal – and also through Stock Holding portal, online payment functional from 23rd March 2021. Integration with Land Record and CIS was made functional from 23rd Feb 2021 under the guidance of eCommittee, Supreme Court of India. Court user can enter the disputed property details and able to link the case. Till date more than 1500 Land Records are mapped with Court records in CIS. Display of Court records in BHULEKH website is pending at Land and Revenue Department, Uttar Pradesh.

      • Drupal based District Court websites and Court websites have been designed in such a way that one can enter the court concerned and see the daily progress of his case just by clicking map of Uttar Pradesh in the Map of India, then concerned Districts, Court complex, court concerned, date etc. Now all the districts of Uttar Pradesh have DRUPAL based websites. Mapping of District Court websites have been done with portal. All the District Courts have been directed by Hon’ble High Court to regularly update the District Court related content so that latest information like details of Judicial Officers, notices, circulars etc. is available on District Court website.

      • National Judicial Data Grid(NJDG)

    National Judicial Data Grid
    NJDG Status
    516 Establishments are migrated on CIS 3.2 and replicated on the NJDG.
    As on 24th August 2021 total 9216419 pending Cases have been uploaded on NJDG.
    Total 4974799 Orders and Judgements uploaded till 24th August 2021.
    Monitoring Team constituted comprising System Officer/ System Assistant/ ICT Technical Manpower/DSA for 25 parameters monitoring on Data Cleansing.
    • Email Creation Currently more than 2330 e-Mail IDs of Judicial Officers have been created on the behest of eCommittee, Hon’ble Supreme Court of India for official correspondence with Judicial Officers.

    • Digital Signature Tokens – 2000 quantity of Digital Signature tokens have been provided to Judicial Officers of Uttar Pradesh.

    • Server Installation for District Courts 161 number of 2P Rack Servers and 11 number of 1P Low-end Pedestal Servers have been procured and installed for 74 District Courts through eCommittee Fund. Additional 58 number of 2P Rack Servers have been procured and installed for 34 District Courts through State Government Fund.

    • Laptop and Printers 2655 number of Laptops and 2655 number of Printers has been procured and provided to Judicial Officers of Uttar Pradesh through State Government Fund.

      • Video Conferencing

        • Studio Based Video Conferencing facility between Districts and Jails is being provided with the fund of State Government. So far, 71 District Courts and 69 Jails have been provided with studio based Video Conferencing facility. Efforts are being made to provide VC facility in all 71 District Courts and 69 Jails. 31 number of Desktop based Video-conferencing Units for 4 District Courts and 27 Outlying Courts.

        • Desktop Based Desktop based Video Conferencing Units have been provided to 147  Court Complex  and 70 Jails.
      • Hardware – In Phase-II of eCourts Project, So far total amount of 99.09 crores has been allotted by the Department of Justice Government of India for procurement of Computer Hardware and 84.61% of the funds has been consumed in the procurement and installation of hardware and its peripherals.

        • Total 2107 i5 and 6321 i3 Desktops of the latest generation and high-end configuration have been purchased, delivered, and installed in almost all District Courts in Phase-II of eCourts Project.

        • Total 1736 Courts have been provided with additional 6 LAN points and 185 Courts have been provided with 12 new LAN points along with Switches. Furthermore 186 left out Court Rooms have been provided with LAN facilities.

        • 2072 Courts has already been provided with Display Board monitors with thin client, extra monitor with splitters; and 2072 Courts have been provided with Duplex printers and MFD printers. 150 District Court Complexes have been provided with Kiosks, Hard Disks, Projector, and DG Set (as per requirement). Computer Desktop, 1 UPS, Printer and LAN items have been provided for 71 DLSAs and 304 TLSCs.

        • Total 207 i5 and 621 i3 Desktops of latest generation and high end configuration have been purchased and the same has been installed in remaining Courts, Fast Tract Courts, Additional Courts under 14th Finance Commission (other than FTC), Commercial Courts.

        • 136 Duplex printers and 136 MFD printers have been delivered to 119 Fast Track Courts, 5 Commercial Courts and 12 regular Courts. The installation of them has been completed.

      • WAN/ VPNoBBEnsured connectivity to all the District Court Complexes through VPNoBB. Total 165 District and Outlying Court Complex have been connected through VPNoBB. WAN Connectivity (10 Mbps – 100 Mbps) is being provided by BSNL in all Districts. At present 148 locations are connected through WAN.

      • Digitization of District CourtsInitiatives are being made for starting digitization activities for District Courts of Uttar Pradesh.