TSHC – Software Applications

    Optical Character Recognition software:
    The High Court is using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert scanned files into editable/searchable documents, to extract the fields into the Software (CIS) like petitioner names which are in huge number and the Prayer text from the bundles submitted by the Advocates at the Counters. The Software is used to convert the scanned documents in to PDF/A compliant PDFs and to create portfolios.

    This is also used to convert of bulk judgments of the High Court.


    Full Court Sitting arrangement software:

    The sitting arrangement of the Hon’ble Judges for the events like swearing ceremony, farewells, full courts etc., are being arranged automatically by the Computer with the inputs from the concerned Registry.


    Telephone Directory – Mobile application and Web Interface:

    The High Court is developing a mobile application for Telephone Directory of the High Court, so that instead of carrying a physical Telephone Directory, the Officers, Staff and other stakeholders of the Judiciary can access the Telephone Directory anywhere anytime on their mobile devices. Search feature is integrated in the mobile application for easy access of contact details of the person/section the user intends to contact. Rich in interface and features, this application will be made available to one and all very soon.