TSHC – Paperless Office Meetings

    All the Committee Meetings in the High Court have gone paperless All the Hon’ble Judges and the Registrars are provided with Apple iPad Pro 10.5 devices for this purpose. The Physical Material papers are not being sent to the Hon’ble Judges and only the scanned or digitized files are being sent through SLACK platform.


    Certified Document issuance software using Digital files:

    The Certified Document Section software was launched on 15 th August 2019 by the Hon’ble the Chief Justice on the occasion of Independence Day in the august presence of Hon’ble Judges of the High Court.

    The new CD section software aids the Advocates/Litigant public in obtaining the Certified Documents instantaneously or at the earliest by using the scanned digital Case files. The Advocates/litigant public will also receive a SMS about the status of their application at each stage of the application process.

    The High Court further plans to integrate online payment facility into this software and host the software on the official website of the High Court providing the status of the CP application.

    At present the High Court has introduced Debit card payments through Point of Sale (POS)/Swipe machine for the Certified Document Section.