TSHC – Paperless Courts with Wacom Display Boards

    On 17/07/2016, Hon’ble Sri Justice Madan B.Lokur, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Judge-in charge, eCommittee, Supreme Court of India has inaugurated the first ever e-Courts (Paperless Court) in the then High Court of Judicature at Hyderabad. Hon’ble Sri Justice P.Naveen Rao, Judge, High Court presided over the eCourt from 18 th July, 2016.

    The concept of Paperless eCourt involves more usage of electronic paper in the Court Hall and dispensing with the movement of Case records, which consumes time and manpower. This is a precursor to e-Filing process.

    The Paperless eCourt process involves the digitization of the Case records and transmitting the digitized records to the Court Hall electronically. There will be an electronic Causelist before the Hon’ble Judge, which will synchronize with the electronic Case records available in the Database. The electronic files will be opened in the Monitor placed before the Hon’ble Judge and the Hon’ble Judge will access the files on the Monitor and make digital notings. Provision is also made to record the dictation ofthe Judgement into the Computer which can be subsequently used by the Stenographer for transcription.

    Steps will be taken to enable the learned Advocates to advance arguments based on the electronic record by providing electronic devices to the learned Advocates as well. In this process, the learned Advocates can avoid bringing voluminous Case records to the Court Hall. By using the e-Causelist, the Court Display Board will be automatically updated without any manual entry and the SMS alerts to the concerned Advocates will be automatically sent.