Live Streaming of High Court Proceedings

    1. Another visionary initiative spearheaded by Honourable the Chief Justice is, experimental live streaming of proceedings of the Chief Justice’s Court on YouTube from 26th October, 2020, which was formally launched for other Benches of the High Court on 17th July, 2021 by the Honourable the Chief Justice of India Honourable Mr. Justice N. V. Ramana, in presence of the Honourable Dr. Justice D. Y. Chandrachud, Judge, Supreme Court of India and Chairman, eCommittee, Supreme Court of India and Honourable Mr. Justice M. R. Shah, Judge, Supreme Court of India. On the same day, the High Court of Gujarat (Live Streaming of Court Proceedings) Rules, 2021 also came to be released and made effective.
    2. The High Court of Gujarat has continued with live streaming of Court Proceedings even after switching to physical functioning of the Court from today i.e. 17th August, 2021. Based upon the guidance and direction of the Honourable the Chief Justice as the Chairperson and Honourable Judges of the ICT & eGovernance Committee of the High Court, the Information Technology Cell implemented an in-house technical solution for live streaming of the Court Proceedings using computer systems, webcameras, digital audio interface and public address systems, as shown in photographs attached hereinbelow.
    3. With the implementation of this solution, all the Courts of the High Court are now also equipped with microphones and speakers for the Bench as well as the Ld. advocates, facilitating easier listening for all present in the Court. This setup will gradually continue to be improved based on the experience to be gained in working with the same and the inputs/suggestions of the users.
    4. The live streaming is being done on the official YouTube Channel of the High Court which is now touching a subscriber base of 75000 and total cumulative views of 53 lacs.
    5. With this implementation, the High Court of Gujarat has again kept up with expectations of the stakeholders, by continuing to uphold the realization of the Open Court concept through live streaming also during the physical functioning ofthe Court.