Free Text Search

    • Free Text Search’ facility to search database of more than 12 lakh Judgment /Orders archived with Rajasthan High Court was launched in the month of May 2019. This facility can be accessed through website of and Mobile App of Rajasthan High Court. Free Text Search feature includes following type of searches:-
      ‘Exact’ To search the exact word or string.
      ‘Any’ To search all or any of the words including similar words.
      ‘All’ To search all the words including similar words, may be at different places in the judgment/order.
      ‘Boolean’ Boolean is a kind of advanced search. Following Boolean operators can be used in CAPITAL letters between the searched words-
      AND – for inclusion
      OR – for alternative
      NOT – for exclusion

    Following are other salient features of the ‘Free Text Search’ facility-

    • Search within search feature is provided to further refine the search. Any further search may be made on the searched output upto 4 levels.
    • Searched word or string is highlighted in the PDF file of judgment/order.
    • Any judgment/order can be either viewed without downloading it. If required, it may be downloaded and saved in PDF format.
    • Results matching search criteria are shown in a list and if the search output is more than 1000 cases, latest 1000 are shown.


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