eSewa Kendra at the High Court

    1. Based on the guidelines of the Honourable the eCommittee, Supreme Court of India, an eSewa Kendra has been established at Gate No. 2 of the High Court of Gujarat and the same was made functional as per guidance and directions of Honourable Mr. Justice Vikram Nath; Chief Justice High Court of Gujarat from Monday the 2nd August, 2021.
    2. This paperless eSewa Kendra provides a wide variety of eServices to Ld. Advocates, litigants and citizens as per the list attached herewith. There shall be no printing facility at the eSewa Kendra as per the guidelines of Honourable the Supreme Court of India.
    3. Status of any case, not only of the High Court but all the Courts of District Judiciary of Gujarat, are available through this eSewa Kendra. The Case Status, once availed through email, will continue to be automatically delivered as and when there is any update in the case, till it is finallydisposed of.
    4. The eSewa Kendra is equipped with two touch screen kiosks for visitors to check the status of cases by themselves. One eFiling Helpdesk is also there to guide and assist visitors in e-filing of cases for the High Court of Gujarat.
    5. Facilitation for legal aid and advice has also been included in eSewa Kendra through two Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) of Gujarat State Legal Services Authority (GSLSA).
    6. The eSewa Kendra is to function on all working days of the High Court. Telephonic inquiry on eSewa Kendra can be made on High Court Toll Free Number 14616. Similar eSewa Kendra centres are slated to be opened soon in all the Districts of the State.