Email Notification Services to the Judicial Officers

    1. A unique email facility was already implemented for the Judicial Officers of Gujarat. All Judicial Officers get automatic email, whenever any order is passed by the High Court of Gujarat, upon any impugned order of the particular Judicial Officer. This facility has been very popular amongst all Judicial Officers of the State.
    2. Another unique email based initiative of Gujarat High Court, for all the Judicial Officers, taken up by the High Court was that all the orders and judgments passed and uploaded by the Judicial Officer, have started to be automatically sent to the official email address of that Judicial Officer. This has immensely helped the Judicial Officers in automatically creating a repository of orders and judgments, with facility of searching on many criterion.
    3. Since Launch of all these email services for Subordinate Courts on 2nd October 2020, more than 55 lac emails have been sent so far, to the Judicial Officers and advocates of the Subordinate courts. For implementing these services, the required email automation software mechanism was developed by our team, in consonance with email relay service of the Mail & Messaging Division, NIC, Delhi.