Email My Case Status Service – Automatic Email Updates of any case for anyone and everyone

    1. To promote further the noble cause of access to justice, and even easier access to its information; a unique path breaking litigant centric service has been developed, for all Courts of the State; whereby anyone and everyone, can follow any case to get current as well as further updates of the case till its disposal, through automatic emails sent by the system.
    2. This first of its kind service in the country, envisioned by Honourable the Chief Justice and implemented as per the guidance of Honourable the Judges of the ICT & eGovernance Committee, has been working like a instant virtual inquiry counter in these difficult times; with more than 6000 cases of the High Court having been subscribed, by more than 2700 subscribers for automatic future updates.
    3. The Email My Case Status service effectively served as a virtual inquiry counter service case updates through email along with order/judgements of the cases, till the final disposal of the case. This has further helped Government Law Offices, Government Offices and Department to follow up their cases effectively. The implementation of this litigant friendly service has fructified the right to access to justice which also includes the right to easier access to information about the justice.