e-Initiatives of the District Court

    e-Initiatives of the District Court

    A number of initiatives under the eCourts project have been taken. In this regard, the initiatives are as under –

    1. Virtual Court (Video Conferencing)

    During the COVID 19 pandemic situation District Court of Uttar Pradesh used open source-based Video Conferencing software – JITSI. By the use of JITSI video conferencing software total of 210433 applications/ Cases were taken up/ disposed of through Virtual Court(JITSI/LAN)) and 2809234  Disposal of Applications/ Cases relating to under-trial prisoners (numbers) from 23.03.2020 to 18.05.2022.

    2. eSewa Kendras

    In District Courts, eSewa Kendra has started at Allahabad District Court. In other District Courts, a setup has been established for eSewa Kendra.

    Further, directions had been issued to all the District Courts for nominating Nodal Officer to monitor the task of setting up of eSewa Kendra in every Court Complex. The same has been complied with.

    The matter has also been taken up with the State Government for exploring the possibility of utilizing the infrastructure provided to Gram Panchayats under the Central Scheme for establishing eSewa Kendras.

    3. eTraining of Technical Staff working in the District Courts of Uttar Pradesh

    e-Training Programme for technical staff, i.e. System Officer, System Assistant and ICT Technical Manpower is being conducted online through cloud-based VC Software regularly. The resource persons made online presentations and discussed the issues and challenges in testing and implementation of e-Filing, NSTEP, Virtual Court (Traffic) and ICJS. It was felt that there was a need such e-Training Programmes regularly.

    4. Vertical and Horizontal integration of CIS(Appellate Module)

    Appellate Module frequently used in the District Courts of Uttar Pradesh for transfer of Cases from District to District and District to Taluka Courts (vice versa). Appellate Module also started at the District Courts of Uttar Pradesh so that data entry work reduced. Further in the High Court by use of appellate module, data easily fetched from District Courts of Uttar Pradesh for Appealed Cases.

    5. National Judicial Data Grid – Data Cleansing

    For effective monitoring of NJDG data, data accuracy & complete data entry, a district level monitoring team has been constituted comprising of System Officer/ System Assistant/ ICT TECHNICAL MANPOWER/DSA. Daily monitoring on 25 parameters is being done by the team. Further, separate District login were also created on NJDG for all District Courts.

    All the District Courts of Uttar Pradesh have been directed to complete the delay reason entry in CIS which are more than two years old.

    Telegram group has also been constituted for effective monitoring.