Case Information System (CIS)

    CIS means Case Information System. The Case Information System software is a giant move under the initiative of the e committee to make the Indian Judiciary more transparent and more litigant friendly. The CIS versions are available for District Judiciary and Highcourt exclusively.This Case Information System Software for District Judiciary is created under the guidance of the e­committee,Supreme Court of India through the software team at National Informatics Center (NIC), Pune. The whole idea of CIS to put it in a nutshell is that the litigant should be able to view the daily status of his case, to view the orders of the case,hearing date of his case, the progress of the case on any particular date etc on­line from any part of the world.The High Court of J&K has successfully implemented CIS.The Data is also replicated to National Judicial Data Grid, so as to enable the Public, Litigants and Advocates to avail the services from