TSHC – ICJS (Interoperable Criminal Justice System)

    When it comes to implementation of ICJS and NSTEP, the High Court for the State of Telangana is a pioneer and as part of ICJS, the project on pilot basis was started in the Subedari Police Station of Warangal Police Commissionerate and the testing has been successfully completed. On 15 th December, 2018 Hon’ble Sri Justice Madan B Lokur, Chairman of the Interoperable Criminal Justice System (ICJS) and Judge-In-Charge e Committee, Supreme Court of India, launched the project in Warangal district through video conference first in the Country, in Telangana enabling live exchange of data between Courts and Police.

    On 16/09/2019, the Hon’ble Chief Justice has inaugurated the ICJS (Interoperable Criminal Justice System) project and NSTEP at Prl. District Court complex, Karimnagar through Video Conference by declaring the launch of the same at all the Districts of State of Telangana.

    Initially, Police would transfer FIR and charge-sheet electronically to e-Courts CIS software via ICJS. Based on the National Police Station codes given by the Hon’ble e-Committee, Supreme Court of India, the NC CIS software, Police Stations were mapped with the above National Police Station Codes for consuming that particular Police Station data.

    The consumed data will then verified by the Court staff concerned with that of the Physical copy and if the data is matching, the Police Department can be provided with S.R. No. and given acknowledgment and CNR number will be transmitted to the CCTNS.