Virtual Courts

    Virtual Courts is a concept, aimed at eliminating the presence of litigant or lawyer in the court and for adjudication of cases on a virtual platform. The concept has been evolved in order to efficiently utilize court resources and to provide litigants with an effective avenue to settle petty disputes.
    Virtual Court can be administered by a Judge over a virtual electronic platform whose jurisdiction may extend to the entire State and function 24X7. Neither litigant nor Judge would have to physically visit a court for effective adjudication and resolution. Communication would only be in electronic form and sentencing and a further payment of fine or compensation would also be accomplished online. These courts may be used for disposal of cases where there may be proactive admission of guilt by the accused or proactive compliance of the cause by the defendant on receipt of the summons in electronic form. Such matters may be treated as disposed of after the payment of the fine.
    Since it is essential to firstly identify the type of cases which can be effectively disposed of by Virtual Courts, presently and as part of the pilot project the following categories of cases have been found feasible to be tried in virtual courts:-

    1. Offences under Motor Vehicle Act (Traffic Challan Cases)
    2. Petty Offences where summons can be issued under Section 206

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