2020 Digital India Award -Platinum Award for Excellence in Digital e-Governance

    The e-Committee of the Supreme Court has been awarded the Platinum Award for Excellence in Digital Governance for the year 2020 by the President of India.

    The e-Committee with its citizen centric services and host of digital reforms has played a crucial role in bringing the fundamental right to access justice to life, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. During Pandemic 55,417,58 cases were heard by courts through video conferencing using the digital infrastructure provided by the e-Courts project making India a global leader in conducting cases through e-Committee video conferencing. A payment of 250 Crores has been made online as fines through virtual courts.

    Citizens can access case status, causelist, court orders anywhere and at any-time through the e-Courts website, mobile app, SMS and email services. Citizens, litigants and lawyers can get details of 13.79 Crore cases and 13.12 Crore orders and judgments online 24X7 free of cost.

    The Case Information System for automating the judicial process has been enabled in 3293 court complexes. e-Taal has recorded 242 crore e-Transactions as on 14 December 2020 which highlights the success and reach of e-Courts services to the common citizens.

    National Judicial Data Grid (NJDG) is a flagship project of e-Committee which tracks the pending cases in the country ensuring transparency in the functioning of the judicial system by making this information available in the public domain.

    The e-Committee has digitized the delivery of processes through the National Service and Tracking of Electronic Process (NSTEP).

    The e-Committee has also taken up the mettle of making judicial processes, including digital services, accessible to persons with disabilities by taking steps to make the court websites accessible, initiating e-Filing for filing cases online and making orders and judgements available in accessible formats for persons with visual impairments.

    Apart from revolutionising judiciary through digital reforms, the e-Committee’s training programmes have reached 1.67 Lakhs advocates, judges and court staff during the pandemic (May 2020 to December 2020)

    Award Details

    Name: Award for Excellence in Digital e-Governance

    Year: 2020