Mr Kuldeep Singh Kushwah

    Kuldeep Singh Kushwah
    • Email: ms-ecommittee[at]aij[dot]gov[dot]in
    • Designation: Member- Systems

    Completed Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from Jabalpur (M.P.) in 2011 after completion of Master of Engineering in 2004 and B. Tech in Computer Science in 1999. Appointed as OSD (IT) in Supreme Court of India from February 6, 2017, to September 31, 2018. Appointed as Registrar (IT), High Court of Madhya Pradesh from June 2, 2008, and also handled the responsibility of a Central Project Coordinator.
    ACHIEVEMENTS (Technical):
    • Development and implementation of Online Certified Copy Software in the High Court of Madhya Pradesh in 2019.
    • Development and implementation of in-house DMS for the digitization of High Court and subordinate courts’ records of M.P. in 2020
    • Computerization of Supreme Court:- On 10th May 2017, ICMIS software and new website of the Supreme Court of India was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Hon’ble Chief Justice of India Shri J.S. Khehar at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.
    • Auto-generation of statements of statistical department of the judicial domain through software for High Court and subordinate courts in Madhya Pradesh in 2019.
    • Integration of e-Court fees software with Finance Department software i.e. cyber treasury developed by TCS.
    • Inventory and Complaint Management Software of all hardware articles procured for M.P. High Court and subordinate courts in 2018.
    • Online Right to Information software has been developed in 2017.
    • Cloud technology implemented in M.P. High Court for CMIS Software in 2018.
    • Implementation of E- Attendance System in High Court/subordinate courts in M.P.
    • Integration of Advocate General Office with High Court of M.P Software:- The Login-ID and password has been provided to users of Advocate General Office to download/view the relevant scanned/digitized data of the High Court in 2016.
    • Development and implementation of Personal Information System Software for the judicial officers/employee of the High Court/employee of the subordinate courts.
    • Development and implementation of Indian Law Reporter and Judicial Officer Training Institute Journal Software.
    • Development and implementation of CMIS Software for the High Court:- This software is based on Enterprise Resource Planning concept by which every resource will be optimally utilized like human resource, infrastructure, time management etc. to cater the need of future prospects of the High Court. All staff will be accountable, responsible and complete the uniform allocation of work assigned to him through the computer program. This software has been developed for the staff to create virtual work cut out for them on day to day basis, which has reduced their work-load and optimized efficiency level. The e-memo may be digitally signed and forwarded to the concerned users on their respective e-mail ID’s. Auto-generated computer software system ensures listing of cases chronologically and in order of specified priorities coupled with equal distribution of workload amongst the judges available on day to day basis in 2014.
    • Development of CMS bilingual website for High Court, subordinate courts and family courts in M.P. in 2014
    • Development and implementation of in-house short messaging and email system for various citizen services applications.
    • Development and implementation of in-house process management software for the High Court, subordinate courts and family courts in M.P in 2013
    ACHIEVEMENTS (Administration):
    • Work pertaining to 14th and 15th Finance commission related to IT in consultation with Director, MPSJA & Registrar (Infrastructure & Works).
    • Tenders (e-tender) related to High Court and subordinate courts in the State of M.P. for video surveillance, technical manpower, digitization and local area network and their related contract.
    • Work pertaining to the outsourcing of technical and other related manpower.
    • Installation of video conferencing facility in all district and subordinate court complexes, district hospitals and corresponding jails. Providing video conferencing facilities in the High Court of Madhya Pradesh principal seat at Jabalpur and its Benches at Gwalior. Computerization of State Judicial Academies, District Legal Service Authorities. Creating a Court Management System through digitization etc.
    • Preparing budget estimates of various budget heads of the High Court and subordinate courts pertaining to I.T. and equipment.
    • Training session was conducted for all judicial officers, advocates and staff of the courts on different IT applications throughout the year in coordination with State Judicial Academy.